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About Me

Shaykh Shams Tameez is a graduate of UK-based seminary Jamia al-Karam. He then completed the Diploma at the Cambridge Muslim College in Contextual Islamic Studies and Leadership. After this he worked as an Imam at Aylesbury Mosque in Buckinghamshire before embarking on further studies in Istanbul at the Abu Hanifa Institute. 

He has also been fortunate to study with great scholars from Syria currently residing in Istanbul such as Shaykh Khalid al-Kharsa, Shaykh Adnan Darwesh, Shaykh Ridwan al-Kaheel, Shaykh Muhammad Shuqayr, and Turkish scholars such as Mulla Yavus. He then travelled to Tarim in Yemen where he was blessed to study at Dar al-Mustafa. He returned to the UK and completed a Master degree at SOAS University in Islamic studies. 

Since then he has completed the four year IKAN programme in Istanbul’s Sultan Ahmet Madrasa specializing in the rational sciences (m’aqūlāt). He is currently pursing a PhD at Ibn Haldun University focusing on Islamic philosophy within the Farangi Mahall tradition.


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