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In this online membership, you will dive deep into the core fields of Aqeedah, Fiqh, Tasawuf and Tajweed, guided by live and on-demand classes, qualified teachers and a unique community of knowledge-seekers.

🗓️ 3 Trimesters a Year. Join Anytime.


It may be that…

 You've navigated faith without truly comprehending the "why" behind your actions.

 Balancing your responsibilities with your longing for knowledge has felt like an unyielding storm.

• You've struggled to find the winds of inspiration and motivation.

• Your knowledge feels scattered, disjointed and overwhelming.

• You've often felt isolated, yearning for the warmth of a community with shared values.

• The guilt of not confidently passing on your faith to your children weighs heavily on your heart. 


Does any of this feel like an anchor holding you back?

What if we told you that there's light on the horizon? Arkview Essentials is your beacon of hope, promising to lead you out of these turbulent waters and into the calm, nurturing embrace of knowledge, community and connection.


An online membership to mastering the fundamentals of Islam. 


Dive deep into the core fields of Aqeedah, Fiqh, Tasawuf and Tajweed, guided by live and on-demand classes, qualified teachers and a unique community of knowledge-seekers.


3 Semesters a Year. Starting Sunday 14th January 2024.

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Our unique Approach to your transformation


We take traditional Islamic studies and make it relevant to your life. With our systematic curriculum, you'll gain comprehensive and structured knowledge of the Deen, leaving no room for confusion.


It’s not just about knowledge; it's about deepening your connection to your faith. You'll rekindle the fire of belief, improve your relationship with Allah ﷻ and feel more grounded in your faith journey, insha’Allah


Join a community of like-minded individuals who share your faith. Upon enrollment, you'll join a private WhatsApp group connecting you to teachers and peers. Here, no question is too small, and support is always at hand.


Our curriculum provides a holistic approach to Islamic knowledge, practice, spirituality and Quranic recitation, guiding you towards a deeper understanding and connection with your faith.



One hour, once a week. In the Aqeedah classes, we delve into the core principles of your faith. We base our teachings on the renowned matn, Aqeedah Tahawiyyah, authored by Imam Tahawi in the year 300 AH. This text distills the creed of the Salaf into an easily digestible format. From understanding the nature of Allah and the role of the Prophet to concepts like the Day of Judgment and divine destiny, we address all the foundational questions. These classes fortify your understanding of the pillars of faith and equip you with the knowledge to tackle doubts and misconceptions head-on.


One hour, once a week. In our Tasawwuf classes, we explore spiritual purification. Each semester, we explore a book of Tasawwuf, perfect for anyone seeking to cleanse their heart and strengthen their connection with Allah ﷻ. Our lectures encompass a wide range of topics, including knowledge, repentance (tawbah), sincerity, the rituals of prayer, solitude, invocation, abstinence, meditation, poverty and disciplining the ego. These sessions form the pillars of Ihsan, awakening the heart and helping you overcome the diseases of the heart.


In our Fiqh classes, we open the doors to all four madhahib (plural of madhab, school of thought), offering introductory texts for each. Our curriculum is based on the teachings of each madhab, giving you a well-rounded perspective on Islamic jurisprudence. From the fundamentals of prayer and fasting (the pillars of Islam) to a systematic and simplified approach, we guide you through every aspect of your practice. All your questions find answers here and we openly discuss the differences of opinion within the madhahib.


One hour, once a week. In our Tajweed course, we offer both theory and practical application. Theory: Explore the articulation points of the Arabic letters, diving deep into the famous Poem "Tuhfatul Atfal." We dissect each line of the poem while explaining the rules of Tajweed. Like this, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of Tajweed principles, insha’Allah. Practice: Put theory into action with practical application. Read from the Qa’ida Nuraniyya and learn how to read the Quran with precision. We start with the basics and gradually delve into advanced Tajweed rules.

Each class is a vital component of your journey, carefully designed to enrich your knowledge, strengthen your practice, purify your heart and enhance your connection to the Quran.

“I can't express enough how beneficial Arkview has been for me & my family.
As a busy business owner with limited time, the flexibility to learn at my own pace was a game-changer. The course content was comprehensive and well-structured, making it easy to follow along and grasp the concepts all Fiqh, Aqedah, & Tassawuf."

B A S E M  T.  -  A U S T R A L I A

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Your Transformation with The Arkview Fundamentals Membership


You've been exposed to Islam in a harsh manner, lacking a deeper understanding beyond outward actions.

You're ashamed of not having the confidence to teach your children about the Deen effectively.

Balancing a full-time job and parenting has left you feeling that your prime years for learning have passed.


You feel isolated from scholarship, longing for a mentor or direct access to scholars who genuinely connect with you.

You've hit a spiritual slump, feeling unmotivated and stagnant on your path of faith.


You now learn from teachers who impart knowledge with love and relatability, genuinely invested in your progress.

Balancing work, parenting and Islamic education is no longer overwhelming; it's liberating.

Empowered with newfound confidence and competence, you guide your children confidently on their path of faith.


You're now connected to qualified scholarship deeply rooted in Islam, enriching your spiritual growth.

The fire of faith burns brightly in your heart, rekindled by motivation and guidance, propelling you to enhance your connection with Allah.

Join us on this transformative voyage to deepen your faith, find your community and unlock the treasures of Islamic knowledge in a loving and relatable manner.

From a small commitment, the impact is life changing




The Arkview Fundamentals Membership isn't just a curriculum; it's a dynamic learning experience enriched by live classes, on-demand courses and a thriving community of like-minded individuals. Join us on this journey to deepen your understanding, connect with fellow learners and grow in your faith.


Live Classes - Interactive Learning (Up to One Hour Each):


Immerse yourself in live classes that bring Islamic knowledge to life. Engage with our knowledgeable teachers and fellow members in real-time. Here are the live classes for this semester:


[Insert Carousel of Live Class Topics]


On-Demand Courses - Learn at Your Own Pace:


Your learning is not bound by time or place. With our on-demand courses, you have the freedom to study whenever and wherever you choose. Gain access to a treasure trove of knowledge. Here are all the courses you'll get access to:


[Insert Carousel of On-Demand Course Titles]


Community - Connect, Learn and Grow Together:


Join a vibrant community of fellow seekers, where knowledge knows no boundaries. Connect with our teachers and other community members over text. Get your questions answered, build bonds, share your successes and exchange valuable tips. Here are some snapshots of messages from the group:


$12 / Month

7 Live Classes a Week

40+ On-Demand Courses 

WhatsApp Community

$99 / Year

7 Live Classes a Week

40+ On-Demand Courses 

WhatsApp Community

Easy Cancellation Policy: You have a monthly subscription that can be canceled at any time through your account management page. Your satisfaction is our priority and we're committed to making your experience with us as easy as possible.


Safina Society was established to answer a pressing need: offering a flexible online program that caters to all Muslims who may not have the opportunity to travel overseas or access qualified local teachers.

What Does "Safina" Mean?


"Safina" translates to "ark." The significance lies in the Prophet's ﷺ description of the end times when “tribulations will surge upon believers like the waves of a raging sea” (Bukhari). 


In another saying, he ﷺ likened his family to the ark of Noah, a vessel of safety. He further stated, 


"Whoever gets on it is safe, and whoever does not, drowns. And my Companions are like the stars, whichever one you follow, you will be guided."


We believe in the power of Allah ﷻ and in coming together physically to study His Book and follow His Messenger's ﷺ example as a means of salvation during times of trials.


Our Belief in Togetherness


At Safina Society, we place a strong emphasis on togetherness. We view society as a collective of individuals sharing the same space, traditions, laws and ethics. 


The lone sheep, as per a saying in Tirmidhi, is vulnerable alone, while together, we form an impenetrable fortress, with everyone supporting one another, as mentioned in Bukhari. The Quran also encourages unity: 


"Hold fast to the rope of Allah, all of you together, and be not divided" (Aal Imran).


Our Vision and Mission


Our vision is to revive traditional Islam within the hearts of the masses, reigniting the love for authentic Islamic teachings.


Our mission is to provide a balanced approach to the Deen, covering the four essential sciences, taught in a manner dating back centuries. We aim to do this while offering guidance and fostering a strong sense of community among our members.

Y O U R   I N S T R U C T O R S 




"Whoever travels a path in search of knowledge, Allah will make easy for him a path to Paradise."

These teachings encompass the fundamental knowledge every individual is responsible for acquiring. It forms the core of how you live each day. 


Often, we learn the basics of prayer as children and may not revisit them. Yet, every day, we risk our spiritual well-being—the essence of our existence—by not doing so. It's a timeless tradition; even great scholars review these fundamentals regularly or teach them yearly. 


The reality is that formalized learning of these fundamentals has the power to transform your life. Praying in line with tradition will illuminate your heart with radiant doors of spiritual enlightenment, just like the other acts of worship. This understanding transcends words; it must be experienced.

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