Due to the COVID-19 lockdown, all summer classes will be held online.


The world is now online. Be part of an online community striving to draw near to Allah and serve His message. Throw the worries of the world over your shoulder and dive into the ocean of endless mercy.

We've put together a two-month, 7-course family pack for only $49/mo.

Starts June 21

Shadee Elmasry

Hikam Ibn 'Ata (Part II)

Sundays 3pm (Arkview+)

& Arabic Grammar Tue/Th 5pm

Niaz Hannan

Hadith Course with Ijaza

Sun 2pm (Arkview+)

Ashir Adrian Kirk

Interactive Tajwid Class

Thurs 7pm & Sat 10am

Ali Ben Saad

Hadith for Youth

Mon & Wed 10am

Youssra Kandil

Stories of the Prophets for Tweens, Tues 3pm

Ali, Hala, & Afnan

Fiqh for Kids!

Sun 10am, Fri 9:30am

How Does It Work?

There are two tiers: Arkview (foundations) and Arkview+ (scholarship). 

Take live classes during term time (Fall, Spring, Summer),

and catch up on recordings during breaks. 

How Do I Sign Up?

Arkview+ (scholarship) $49/mo

Arkview (foundations) $10/mo

Join or unjoin at any time. 


Classes You Can Access Now


Introduction to Tajwid

Causes of Revelation

Surat al-Kahf Explained  

The Short Suras Explained

Hadith & Sira

Summarized Sahih Muslim

(Books of Iman, Tahara, & Salat)

Wisdoms of the Sira (Arkview+)


The Arabic Alphabet

Introduction to Arabic Grammar


World of Angels

The Lives of Man

Hikam of Ibn ‘Ata (Arkview+)

Virtues of Secusion

Summarized Ihya Ulum al-Din 

Manifestations of the Unseen

The Remembrance of God

The Alchemy of Happiness

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