About Arkview

Welcome to the Safina Society online portal. Through Arkview, you will learn the fundamentals of your deen and begin your path to knowledge.


Choose a bundle

Beginners are recommended to join Arkview Basic then graduate to Plus. If you are seeking Arabic, we have a track specifically for that. Lastly, kids and youth have their own bundle, Arkview Kids.


Live & On-Demand

Courses are either live or on-demand. Upon registering, you will be immediately granted access to all the on-demand courses. You will also receive a Zoom link where you can take the live courses. See the schedule for class times.


Connection with teachers

Safina Society is all about suhba, even if virtual. Companionship, meeting other students, and talking directly to our teachers, is as important as the lectures themselves. Towards this end, we have a WhatsApp group for every subject where you can stay in touch, ask questions, and receive announcements.


Our philosophy

We view seeking knowledge as a habit more than a goal. Goals have ends, whereas habits do not. Further, goals render a person unsuccessful until the goal has been attained. And when you finally do attain your goal, you've lost any reason to continue. A habit, on the other hand, is something you do forever. Having a consistent habit of studying will make success an inevitable result. We encourage consistency, even in very small doses.


Term time and break time

During term time, students take live courses and during breaks catch up on the on-demand courses.



The administration of exams is left at the discretion of the teacher.


How will I get the links?

Once a student registers, live class links will be shared with them in the confirmation email. Please check all your inboxes for this important email.



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