Spreading the way of Ahl al-Sunna throughout the world.


Our Vision

We want to be a haven for every seeker of knowledge and spirituality through circles of knowledge for all ages on all platforms, onsite and online.


Our History

Safina Society was founded in 2010 by Dr. Shadee Elmasry. In 2013, we began onsite classes at the New Brunswick Islamic Center. In 2017, we began our online classes, and in 2022, we began to host free dinners at our Dawa Center. 


What we do

  1. Onsite Classes  For all ages, held at NBIC in New Jersey, USA

  2. Online Classes  Live and pre-recorded courses

  3. Hifz Academy  Onsite at NBIC, led by Qari Zahid Rafique

  4. Soup Kitchen  At 367 Somerset St New Brunswick, NJ


Safina Society LLC

Onsite and online seminars, as well as publications are organized under Safina Society LLC.


Safina Foundation 501(c)3

The Soup Kitchen, Hifz Academy, and our theological college, Darul Fath, are registered under the non-profit Safina Foundation 501(c)3.


New Brunswick Islamic Center

Our onsite classes take place on Tuesdays and Sundays at NBIC 1330 Livingston Ave North Brunswick, NJ.


What does 'Safina' mean?

Safina¬†is Arabic for ark. The Prophet¬†Ô∑ļ¬†described the end of time as an ocean raging with deadly waves, the salvation from which was the ark and the stars. "My family is like the ark of Nuh, whoever boards it is safe and whoever turns away from it drowns. And my companions are like the stars, whomever you follow, you will be guided." Safina was also the nickname of the Prophet's servant.¬†


Our Podcast & Livestream

Follow our podcast and livestream, which airs Monday-Thursday at 1:30pm EST on YouTube, Instagram, & Facebook.

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